Parnassus 1959

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Municipal University of Wichita

University of Wichita. Parnassus 1959. Wichita, Kan: Wichita State University, 2017


Includes stories, photographs, and pictures related to the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen classes, college history, faculty, the yearbook editorial staff and Sunflower staff, student organizations, and athletics.

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Published by Junior class of Municipal University of Wichita
Dedicated to Mrs. Ruth Price, Commons Lounge hostess.. "a counselor, advisor, friend and second mother to most University students... A University graduate herself, Mrs. Price is always on hand to help students who want to have a friendly discussion, just drink coffee, seek advice, or have a button sewed on a coat. And wherever Mrs. Price is, so is her smile. This could perhaps be her main attribute. No monetary payment could ever pay her for her services. So in partial payment, the 1959 Parnassus is dedicated to her for her unselfish interest in students, and perhaps more for her friendliness."
Editorial staff: Edward Thompson, editor-in-chief; Bob Pope, business manager
Contents: Dedication -- Foreword -- Memorium -- Features -- Activities -- Sports -- Fine Arts -- Organizations -- University -- Classes -- Advertising and Index