The Green Gazette: A freshman publication

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University of Wichita
Department of English

The Green Gazette: A freshman publication. University of Wichita, Department of English, May, 1928. 46 pages


In this, the second issue of the Green Gazette, a magazine published by Miss Haymaker's classes in English composition, the purpose remains as in the first number--to acquaint the faculty, students, and patrons of the University with the work done by freshmen in their regular class work. The size of this issue is slightly larger than that of the initial effort, and it is the wish of the editors that further issues of greater size and superior quality may be forthcoming next year. [Editorial staff]

Table of Content
The white cobra/ Alice Whittaker -- Isn't this a nice world / Catherine Nitschke -- The negro dolly / Gerald Cron -- The aviator / Adolph Unruh -- My vocabulary and I / Bonita Cloud -- Ode to spring / Lura Lincoln -- The way of a horse with an amature / Geraldine Hammond -- Order / Ruth Pheifer -- Easter morning in the hospital / Willa Raymond -- How I increased my vocabulary / Sidney Brick -- Against it / V. B. Pits -- I can-sometimes / Christine Allen -- The wife of the monkey / Caroline Kirkwood -- A visit to the union station / Edwarda Misener -- Creater love hath no man / Dorothy Martin -- Lost impressions / Naomi Edgerton
Editorial staff: Sidney Brick, Geraldine Hammond, Frank Salisbury, Alice Whittaker