The Sunflower, v.73, no.53 (June 25, 1969)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Blake, R. D. (Jaddy)
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The Sunflower, v.73 no.53. Wichita, Kansas, June 25, 1969. - 8 pages.
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Article(s): Social turmoil at ’Frisco State lit violence fuse, report says -- Liberal Arts dean to speak in series -- Army drafts 29,500; Plans 13,000 cutback -- Beckwith explains: Black Panthers attempt to 'indoctrinate’ community / Bob Garvey -- Rats, rebellion know no boundaries - Blake / Joe Coulter -- 'Moon Is Blue’ opens Thursday -- S-VOLT volunteer Dolan seeks to turn thoughts into actions / Elaine Records -- Park rule ambiguous -- Sunflower review: Wilner sex spoof 'alive and well' / Paulette Edmiston -- Park Board official says rules formed to provide service for public as whole / Bob Garvey -- Memorial concert held with no official protest -- Movie review: MacLaine well suited for role / Ruth Durch -- Vander Jagt says new look needed / Joe Coulter -- Recital to feature Gibson on Tuesday -- Wichita receives federal grant for educational TV -- LEAP report to offer answers to 'equal education' question / Bob Garvey -- Wise calls for end to useless agencies -- New Juco grid star signed for QB slot -- Kiser's Korner / Mike Kiser.
Photograph(s): Panther leader: Monty Beckwith, member of the Black Panther Party, is beginning the indoctrination for the Wichita Black Panther Chapter. p. 1 -- Change essential: Jaddy Blake says 'Uncle Tom Tom' is tightening up the head on his war drum. p. 2 -- Volunteer in action: WSU student Robin Farrington works with students in the Volunteer Tutorial summer program no being held at Mathewson Jr. High. p. 3 -- Following the concert, a CSR member called out the troops for cleanup. p. 5 -- Long hairs and short hairs alike enjoyed the rock music. p. 5 -- Some tossed 'Frisbies' while others just strolled the crowd. p. 5 -- Emphasis at the concert was on getting the audience involved. p. 5
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.73 no.53
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