2014-2015 McNair Scholars Programs: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports, 2014-2015, v.19, 132 pages.

Table of Content
Religiosity and sexual shame among young women / Alissa Bey -- Investigating guiding attributes in visual search for medication vials / Logan M. Gisick -- An experimental study of fiber architecture effects on the stress relation behavior of carbon fiber composites / Kevontrez Jones -- A lost history: A digital ethnography of the historic Dunbar Theatre / Lindsey D. Stillwell -- Consideration when designing an exoskeleton prosthetic hand / Jose Esquivel -- Wichita State University's student's perception of police and the effects of the media / Joy Foster -- Effectiveness of The Listening Program in children with various development disabilities / Ayris Franklin -- Religiosity and sexual shame among young women / Lydia Ibarra -- Differences in human gait while carrying a load at different positions on the back / Khoi Lam -- pH sensitive conformational change monitored by tryptophan quenching of fluorescence / Jasmine Mayorga -- A new porcine follicle-stimulating hormone glycoform as a potential candidate for superovulation in animals / Julie Mohamed -- Characterizing boundary conditions of self-adjoint operators / Zachary Pearson -- Laser surface treatment to enhance biointegration of orthopedic implants / Martina Salerno -- Exploring informal sources of information and women's use of preconception health services / Anna Wray