Derivatives of 3-alkyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide: probing the effect of structure on bioactivity toward human leukocyte elastase

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Groutas, William C.
Brubaker, Michael J.
Chong, Lee S.
Epp, Jeffrey B.
Huang, He
Keller, C. E.
McClenahan, Jerry J.
Givens, R. S.
Singh, R.
Zandler, Melvin E.

Drug design and discovery. 1994 Feb; 11(2): 149-57.


A structure-activity relationship study was conducted in order to probe the nature of the interaction between some 3-alkyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide derivatives and human leukocyte elastase. The structural features in substituent X (structure I) that lead to the manifestation and optimization of inhibitory activity have been examined. The data suggest that the presence of an alkyl or aryl(sulfonyloxy) group in the active compounds may serve a triple purpose, namely, it functions as a good leaving group as dictated by the established mechanism of action of this class of compounds, secondly, it may enhance binding by assuming a favorable spatial orientation and, thirdly, it may increase the chemical reactivity of the carbonyl carbon in the bioactive compounds.

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