Prevention of dental caries by grape seed extract supplementation: a systematic review

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Delimont, Nicole
Carlson, Brandi N.
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Dental caries , Grapes , Proanthocyanidins , Remineralization , Streptococcus mutans , Tannins
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Delimont, N. M., & Carlson, B. N. (2019). Prevention of dental caries by grape seed extract supplementation: A systematic review. Nutrition and Health

Background: Dental caries are the most prominent chronic disease of children and adults worldwide, and facilitating evidence-based, preventative care for their prevention is critical. Caries are traditionally and successfully prevented by regular fluoride use, but there are opportunities to halt and restore caries with alternative agents in addition to fluoride use. Grape seed extract (GSE) is a readily available plant-based supplement that, due to its concentrated levels of proanthocyanidins, has promising characteristics that may assist in dental caries prevention. Aim: The goal of this review was to investigate whether current research supports use of grape seed extract to prevent dental caries formation. Methods: A systematic review of articles related to grape seed extract, prevention of dental caries, inhibition of Streptococcus mutans, and remineralization was conducted. Articles were first chosen by inclusion of dental models that used grape seed extract as an intervention, and then by strength of study design. Results: Twenty articles were reviewed. Studies overall supported three unique grape seed extract properties facilitating dental caries prevention. In the first articles reviewed, grape seed extract inhibited proliferation of bacterial biofilms on tooth surfaces. In addition, studies reviewed indicated that grape seed extract promoted dental remineralization. Conclusions: Caries prevention by grape seed extract may be unique compared with fluoride, and is linked to grape seed extract’s bacteriostatic and collagen crosslinking properties. Future research should investigate potential delivery methods, and benefits of combined grape seed extract use with known caries preventative agents, in human participants.

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Nutrition and Health;2019
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