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Nguyen, Thuan
Whitaker, A.J.
Christman, Joe
Esparza, Alex
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Cycling devices have evolved from the simple device that records speed to the complex devices out on the market. Today’s advancement in technology brings us the XiSport Cycling Training Device. The XiSport lets you do all of that and more; it has all the functionality of a speedometer, i.e. Speed, Cadence, Distance, and Time, but only the Xi displays Gearing, Acceleration, as well as YOUR personally designed custom workout. Currently, nothing out there on the market lets YOU, the user, build your own workouts to suit your needs. Buying big, bulky gym equipment is the only other way to get a preprogrammed workout, and that isn’t your own personally designed workout. We’ve designed the Xi to be small enough to be attached to your bike as well as safe enough to be used outside on the open road as well as giving you a great workout in the comfort of your own home. For those who own a bike and are wanting to get a little more out of their casual ride, all the way up to serious cyclist who needs that extra reminder during training to stay at a certain workout level, the XiSport Cycling Training Device is for you. The workout mode takes in the benchmarks from your workout and graphically displays them. The screen has two training bars as well as a progress bar on the bottom to show you how far along you are in the workout. The training bars display the goal for that segment of the workout just to the left of the middle of the bar. Then during your workout, the bar will go up or down relative to the distance you’re from your goal. Once you’ve completed your workout, the workout mode goes into free mode, where it will continue to display values to the user.

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