The Sunflower, v.62, no.19 (November 22, 1957)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.62, no.19, Wichita, Kansas, November 22, 1957. - 6 pages
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Article(s): 400 parking tickets are issued during first month of school term / Alex Mitchell -- 23 colleges gather for debate contest -- 23 colleges gather for debate contest -- Radio club organization day is set -- Name dates to pre-enroll -- SC approves sign rule -- Debaters win top honors -- Classes recess next Thursday -- Mortar Board sponsors workshop -- BSU will honor foreign students -- On campus / Max Shulman -- Inquiring reporter: Varying opinions expressed on forum board organization / Gay Campbell -- Too few say it all -- Debate: a salute -- Program change seen for practice teachers / Carol Clay -- Brown wins Beech Award -- Vets club to have Yule dance, Dec. 18 -- Brussels fair guide positions open to qualified students -- Rain and snow hamper work on new math-physics building / George Leondedis -- Gridders head east: Villanova next on schedule -- 3 lead loops in volleyball -- Tyler hands Frosh season's first defeat -- First place to Hampton in AAU meet -- TV programs will feature WU faculty -- First season of Parnassus press-bound -- 1,500 Wichita pupils witness 'Bartered Bride' performance -- Former communist will speak today
Photograph(s): Illegal parking keeps G. W. Parson, University officer, busy writing parking violation tickets. Students received the majority of tickets on University campus by Parsons who issued 291 violations during the first month of the semester. p. 1 -- An ornamental artwork replaces the flue where the Art Building fire started. The piece was designed by William Loy. p. 6
University of Wichita
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The Sunflower
v.62 no.19
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