2018-2019 Priorities: Plan and results

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Office of the President
Strategic Planning Committee
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Plan: four key areas where WSU can make progress in the 2018-2019 academic year: (1) Advance a culture of shared governance built on trust and integrity; (2) Support Strategic Enrollment initiatives; (3) Innovate academic offerings for students seeking new degree options or alternative credentials; (4) Evaluate new reward structures for faculty in teaching, research and service in light of the changing higher education landscape.
Results: (1) Launched a activation of the university’s strategic plan • Held numerous sessions to engage the university and community around its future direction • Three (3) interactive Town Halls averaging 160 participants • 35 Individual AcTivation Teams meeting (each of seven teams met 5 times) 195 unduplicated participants • Two (2) Lunch and Learns featuring Place Making Update and S: Curves in Higher Education 34 duplicated participants • Eight(8) leadership development workshops for steering committee and AcT Team leaders
Results (2): Year over year enrollment growth (fall 17 to fall 18): • Overall university enrollment – 15,784 (4.6% increase); Academic excellence supported by a vibrant liberal arts and sciences education • Approved first-year seminar requirement for the general education program Increases in applied, accessible learning and research experiences leading to career success • 60% of our academic programs have identified an applied learning experience for their majors • 34% of conferred degrees went to students who had an applied learning experience • 149 students participated in Graduate Research Showcases (GRASP or 3MT) an increase of over 40% • 84 students participated in Undergraduate Research Showcases (URCAF, McNair Research Symposium) an increase of 55%
Results: (3) Increase new degree o erings and/or concentrations within degrees • 3 new degrees launched (Masters of Health Admin and HR Mgmt and a Bachelor of Applied Computing) Develop stackable credentials using badges and certificates • 19 new certificates • 29 new badges Increase life-long learning options • 75% increase in For-Credit Lifelong Learning students to 1,174 students (unduplicated) • 23% increase in Non-Credit Community Education and For-Credit students to 4,015 students
Results: (4) • Completed Faculty Senate Workload Report and Recommendations • Piloted leadership development opportunities for persons involved in leading strategic planning e orts • Implemented a faculty salary market/compression adjustment to 148 faculty totaling $453,464