1971-11-15 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, November 15, 1971. -- University Senate Meetings, 1971-1972, v.8

Table of Content
Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Approval of the minutes of the meetings of October 25 and November 8, 1971 -- Orders of the day -- Unfinished business -- Committee reports -- New business -- Adjournment
WSU correspondence: Tentative proposals -- College of business --College of education
College of health related professions College of Business administration: objectives -- Statement of needs -- Proposed content of the four year curriculum -- Function of the graduates -- Advisory committee -- Plan for funding and staffing
Undergraduate program: in health facility admininstration -- Courses count as electives in health administration -- Plan of study -- College of business requirements -- College of business -- Health administration courses description
Proposed UG and graduate programs for training health educational program administrators and instructional personnel -- Proposed bachelor of health science program
Motion approved by the University Senate: Reading improvement techniques -- Creation of ad hoc committee on academic standards and practices -- Tentative approval of two proposals
Ad hoc committee report regarding faculty tenure and welfare: AAUP statement on government of college and universities -- Statement that committee proposes that faculty initiate action -- Recommendation of the ad hoc committee regarding faculty tenure and promotion -- Amendment
Minutes: approval of minutes -- Orders of the day -- Special orders