The impact of cyberbullying victimization on academic satisfaction among sexual minority college students: The indirect effect of flourishing

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Lee, Jeoung Min
Park, Jinhee
Lee, Heekyung
Lee, Jaegoo
Mallonee, Jason

Lee, J.M.; Park, J.; Lee, H.; Lee, J.; Mallonee, J. The Impact of Cyberbullying Victimization on Academic Satisfaction among Sexual Minority College Students: The Indirect Effect of Flourishing. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 2023, v.20, 6248.


This study examines the association between cyberbullying victimization and academic satisfaction through flourishing (psychological well-being) among 188 LGBTQ college students utilizing the lens of general strain theory and positive psychology. Results indicate that flourishing as a mediator explains the association between cyberbullying victimization and academic satisfaction among LGBTQ college students. For these students, flourishing can serve as a protective factor for their academic satisfaction. This finding highlights the need for college counselors, faculty, and administrators to foster psychological well-being among cyberbullied LGBTQ college students. Practice implications will guide the development of a campus-wide cyberbullying intervention for these students.

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This article belongs to the Special Issue LGBTQ+ Bullying, Violence, Discrimination, and Negative Psychosocial Outcomes: Identifying Protective and Resilience Factors.
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