2002-03-11 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of March 11, 2002. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2001-2002, v.15

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): A. Distinguished Scholarship Invitational: Student Affairs & Executive Committee update -- B. Update on Qualified Admissions -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee / Kirk Lancaster -- (Old business): Full Professor Incentive Review Policy - revisions
Attachments: 5.22 / Full Professor Incentive Review Program -- Report on Qualified Admissions -- Analysis of ACT Scores: 1998 Distinguished Scholarship Competition
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted Rules Committee report with 2002-03 3 years Committee appointments (unless noted) for: Academic Affairs -- Tony Gythiel, Sha Li Zhang; Court of Academic Appeals -- Ray Hull (Full), John Born (Alternate); Exceptions -- David Hughes, Abu Masud, Tim Quigley (2004 appt. ends); Faculty Affairs -- Frank Rokosz, Hussein Hamdeh; Faculty Support -- Dharam Chopra, David Duncan, Ruth Hitchcock; General Education -- Peer Moore-Jansen, Paul York, Sue Enns; Honors -- Dwight Murphey, Brian Williams, J.C. Combs; Library -- Mara Alagic, Benson Tong, Jharna Chaughuri (2004 appt. ends); Rules -- Dharam Chopra, Cathy Moore-Jansen; Scholarship & Student Aid -- Leslie Anderson, Connie Dalrymple, Diane Scott (2004 appt. ends); Undergraduate Research -- Jeff Hershfield, Charlotte Loveland, Jim Swan; University Curriculum -- Jim Clark, Walter Horn, Gary Toops -- 2. Accepted the motions to use the word "CHAIR" throughout the Full Professor Incentive Review Policy -- (Informal statements and proposals): Inquiry about in-state tuition be given to graduate students / Senator Herzog -- Employee Benefits Program question / Senator Kuhn -- Announcement of upcoming meeting of the AAUP / Senator Roussel -- (President's report): A. Discussion of the Distinguished Scholarship Invitational -- B. Budget update -- C. The 54 Hour Rule -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee: Report with names of the appointees for the Faculty Senate Committees / Senator Lancaster -- (Old business): A. Full Professor Voluntary Incentive Review Policy / Senator Sha li Zhang