The Sunflower, v.74, no.24 (January 9, 1970)

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The Sunflower, v.74 no.24. Wichita, Kansas, January 9, 1970. - 16 pages.

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Article(s): Enrollment scheduled to occur Jan. 27-29 -- Vandalism to autos continues at games -- Draft board official discusses prediction / Dave Beck -- 'Piecemeal tokenism' -- Declaration of Independence leads to suspicion on campus -- Ratboy's notebooks / J. Russell Jones -- Coercion needed to halt growth of world population, prof says / Bruce Sankey -- Draft eligible men still find little answer on status after January call -- State draft quota 139 for January -- Blacks plan to begin communication system -- Indian guru speaks tonight, topic will be 'Peace of Mind' -- Credit to be offered for DARE program -- Movie review: Film depicts modern love affair / Ruth Durch -- Approval given to new Gold Key Honor Society -- Former Food and Drug chief here: TV ads contribute to drug usage, says Dr. Goddard / Mary Mitchell -- Shocker socialights: Engagements, rush plans fill break -- Third, hopefully last, Neff completion date set -- In fight against poverty: Low income citizens unify / Vickie McKissick -- Students eligible: Business management courses open -- Aviation course set for summer -- Shock basketball fortune continues slide / Tony Jimenez -- Harris carries CAC banner in tournament -- Frosh cagers follow in varsity's tracks / Tony Jimenez -- Bulldogs tag WSU with fourth consecutive cage loss, 98-85
Photograph(s): WSU headache no, 1,845: Finals! p. 1 -- Pollution dangerous: Dr. Henry Rounds tells audience Tuesday night the meek will not inherit the earth, because they'll be in no condition to do so. p. 5 -- Yoga expert: Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta believes on can achieve full and eternal happiness by following the eight Yoga steps he will lecture on tonight. p. 6 -- Goddard on drugs: Dr. James Goddard, former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, says scientists are trying to perfect a "small dose" oral contraceptive. p. 7 -- Nobody's using it: Capt. Art Stone, WSU security chief, says no one has been using the new, well-lighted parking lot east of Corbin. It features a lighted sidewalk which runs to Yale Ave. p. 8 -- Farewell: Tom Townsend, UCCM minister, center, was given a farewell party Wednesday in the CAC. p. 10 -- Teen center: Wichita Youths enjoy facilities at the WACAPI south branch located at 1552 S. Ida. p. 12 -- Gary Thompson. p. 14 -- Future varsity members?: Freshmen basketball starters for this season have been Art Louvar, Mike Karas, Randy Wilson, Vincent Smith and Steve Webster. p. 15 -- Steve Shogren. p. 16