Education and its challenges in post COVID time

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Pušnik, Nace
Urbas, Raša
Weingerl, Primož
Puškarević, Irma
Pulaski, Jeff
Sulyok, Levente
Ray, Jennifer
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Education , Graphic design , Language , Typography , Visualisation of information
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Globalisation, has been challenged in the last two years by the emergence of the Corona virus. In particular, the events of the last two years have had a tremendous impact on the educational process throughout the world, as the learning process has taken a completely new turn; the young people, who have been deprived of much unconcern, have lost the most in terms of educational processes. Despite these facts, with a lot of effort, it has been possible to maintain the high level of education and knowledge transfer with the help of modern technologies (online learning). Even more, successful practises and thus real-time networking and education have been achieved. One of the results of the above work is also the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) and the US state of Kansas (Wichita State University), which started in October 2021 and ended in January 2022. We created a project that involves students from both continents and gives them the opportunity to learn about cultural and linguistic differences. Multilingual communication is something to strive for, especially in the post-covid times. Slovenian students learned about US states and tried to represent them graphically in an appropriate way by imitating the design of letters or inscriptions. Following the same principle, Kansas students were also involved in the project, with the difference that they were able to collect and learn data about different European countries. The result of the bilateral cooperation was a world map that represents the state or country as the students see and perceive it. In designing the map, the students considered historical, sociological, and cultural aspects specific to a region. This laid the foundation for further collaboration and created a basis that can help educate and learn about cultural and linguistic differences in the world in the future. The first phase of the project is currently ongoing, but will be expanded in the coming years. The aim of the project is to create a graphic printout of all the countries in the world, displayed in what is called a typography world map. Our aim is to connect educational institutions from all over the world and thus contribute to the acceptance of cultural and linguistic differences.

Pušnik, N., Urbas, R., Weingerl, P., Puškarević, I., Pulaski, J., Sulyok, L., & Ray, J. (2022). Education and its challenges in post COVID time. International symposium on Graphic Engineering and Design, GRID, Novi Sad.
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Graphic Engineering and Design
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