The Sunflower, v.70, no.34 (December 15, 1965)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.70 no.34. Wichita, Kansas, December 15, 1965. - 6 pages

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Article(s): Career Day: Local firms to hold screening interviews -- Christmas convocation to be given tomorrow -- Kappa Pi Art Fair receipts total Over $1,500 -- Pickup policy Rapped: Students demonstrate in front of Roundhouse -- Light to be finished by end of the week -- Pres. Lindquist's daughter honored -- By reason of tenure -- Mystical garden gate: Painters ascend bridge daily to renew 'glow' / Lyle W. Price -- Ticket uproar spreads: KU student protest paying admission -- 'Never the same': Wife sees hubby change after alter: Then romantic, now he's rheumatic / Hal Boyle -- AWS Council serves University as governing board for women / Trudy King -- Sayers' six TD's May give him 'rookie' title / Joe Mooshil -- Shocks 'learned a lot' in win over Colorado -- Baby Shocks win fifth over Chanute
Photograph(s): Power to mend: One miracle of Christmas is demonstrated by ten-year-old Bryan Brummett as he portrays Amahl. p. 1 -- Here they come: John Criss starting senior guard, leads the Shockers through the hoop prior to the Colorado tilt. After topping the Buffaloes 87-81, the Fightin' Shocks will encounter Texas Tech in the Fieldhouse, Saturday. p. 1 -- Shocks score eight more: Although hampered by a height disadvantage, these four Shockers (going clockwise from upper left, Jamie Thompson, Melvin Reed, Warren Armstrong, and John Criss) went high to can two apiece in Saturday's victory over Colorado. p. 5 -- Jamie strikes again: Junior forward Jamie Thompson hits for two points against the Buffaloes and sophomore Warren Armstrong intends to make sure it goes in. Karl Tait (14), junior forward and high point man for Colorado, finds himself on the floor on this play. p. 6