The Sunflower, 1932-1933, no.22, March 8, 1933

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Lieurance, Thurlow, 1878-1963 , Mikesell, William Henry, 1887-1969 , Foght, H. W. (Harold Waldstein), 1869-1954 , Hubbard, Homer , Gouldner award
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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.38, no.22, Wichita, Kansas, March 8 1933. - 6 pages
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Article(s): Start work on Parnassus this week -- Rev. Wise tells students power is prime factor -- To give awards in journalism -- Squibb plans conclave of six states -- County schools present concert -- Music students chose vocations -- Y.M.C.A decides on new policies -- Debate teams enter meet at Durant, Okla. -- Speakers attack political issues -- Instructors for omnibus named -- Markham to speak to Kappa Delta Pi -- Lexicographer is defender of slang and grammarians -- Debate members meet C. of E. team -- Hippodrome to feature stunts of campus life -- Army prepares for inspection -- Students teach in Kingman schools -- Kansas students guests of university at music convention this week -- Extend time of acceptance for May Day script -- Bulletin lists theses titles -- Hillbrand music test reviewed -- Wilke may attend Chicago convention -- Hawkshaws use psychology for detecting criminals -- Collecting dogs is hobby of freshman -- Course by Mikesell offered in Boston -- Clothes conscious collegians sigh as Easter draws near -- Thirst overrules greed for land -- Early marriage of ancients is proved -- Creative workers believe inspiration is necessary -- Classroom habits of professors are easily recognized -- Cyril Grace gains fame in school -- Campus ideal man is tall and brunette -- Kansas students throng campus for music festival -- Ninety Kansas towns to meet -- Broadcast music of H.S. festival -- "Psyching" age cast selected -- Chorus leader widely known -- Opposing bill to militarize youth -- Grand concert of meet is expected to be sell-out -- Joseph Maddy to lead orchestra -- Student mirror selects policies -- Music leaders comment upon high school meet -- Professor teaches violin over radio -- Georgia students form state group -- University society: Music students and supervisors honored by social activities; Fraternities; Reveal marriage of former student; Fraternity issues membership bids; Sororities; Spring social calendar of University functions announced; Sorority has inaugural ball; Name committees for formal dinner dance; Business club elects new semester officers; Fraternity men give program at meeting; Sorosis initiates seventeen pledges; Pi Alpha initiates new members on Sunday; Bill Tilden to play exhibition tennis match in forum: Bill Tilden to play match for track benefit -- Honor inventor of basketball -- Men's sports / Bob Woods -- Men report for track work-out -- Tennis men planning spring tournament -- Jayhawks revive Turkey Day game -- Women's sports -- Barb 1 upsets fast barb 2 -- Volleyball finals to be hard battle -- Golf team starts season practice
Photograph(s): Addresses students: Above is pictured the Rt. Rev. James Wise, Episcopal bishop of the diocese of Kansas, who addressed convocation today. p. 1 -- President: H. W. Foght, president of the University and one of the sponsors of the Kansas All-State Chorus and Orchestra. / Courtesy Wichita Eagle. p. 2 -- Chorus: John W. Beattie of Northwestern University, who conducts the chorus for the All-State music fete this week. p. 3 -- Thurlow Lieurance: Dean of Kansas musicians, whose fame as a composer is international. Mr. Lieurance is best known for his "By the Waters of Minnetonka." p. 3 -- Orchestra: J. E. Maddy, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who directs the orchestra for the All-State music festival sponsored by the University. p. 3 -- To give reception: Mrs. H. W. Foght at whose home members of the University Dames will give a tea for visiting supervisors of music, teachers, and principals Friday afternoon. p. 3 -- Guest conductor: Miss Grace Wilson, supervisor of music for the public schools of Wichita, who will be guest conductor of the All-State Chorus this week. p. 3 -- Guest conductor: Duff Middleton, guest conductor of the All-State Orchestra. Mr. Middleton is supervisor of instrumental music in the Wichita Public Schools/ p. 3 -- Director: Homer Hubbard, who is in charge or arrangements for the All-State chorus. p. 3 -- Mrs. Rene Gouldner: Prominent member of the University Board of Regents and donor of the Gouldner award in Journalism. / Courtesy Wichita Beacon. p. 5 -- Champion: "Big" Bill Tilden, who will appear in Wichita in an exhibition tennis match. / Courtesy Wichita Beacon. p. 6
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The Sunflower
v.38 no.22
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