The Sunflower, v.82, no.13 (Sepember 12, 1977)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Graney, Marshall J. , Kiralyfalvi, Bela , Memorial '70 (Colorado plane crash memorial) , Football-Colorado plane crash
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The Sunflower, v.82 no. 13. Wichita, Kansas, September 12, 1977. - 12 pages
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Article(s): Genre getting respect: Darth Vader, Obi-Wan result of sci-fi explosion / Jay Watson -- Kiralyfalvi is appointed head of speech department -- Instructor teaches awareness as secret of self-defense / Debbie Evangelisti -- Graney hopes to make sociology career-oriented / Ramona Kee -- Meat and potatoes / Patrick Jennings -- More part-time students -- Refacing completed on Memorial '70 -- New director for fund -- Images: The Sunflower literary page: Iris in the spring / Cheryl Holt; Rhyme and reason / Pat Williams -- Chessmate / Chuck Bell -- Sororities relocate across 21st -- Shockers pounded by ISU Cyclones 39-9 -- WSU women netters split at K-State, sweep Bethany / Kathy Ivy -- Pittsburg outspeeds cross country team -- Baseball workouts beginning / Steve Pike
Photograph(s): Speech heads: On the stage of the Pit Theater in Wilner Auditorium Bela Kiralyfalvi, new head of the speech department, leading his Acting I students in a series of exercises. p. 1 -- "New games": Several students playing in the CAC sponsored "New Games" last Friday afternoon. Anyone interested in participating in the non-competitive sports should contact Debbie Bloom in the CAC Activities Office. p. 2 -- Attack: Students from Fred Harvey's class on self-defense practice techniques of self-protection. Harvey, who holds a black belt, says self-defense depends more on knowing what to do than on physical training. p. 2 -- Memorial '70: Sid Hastings, overhead in bucket, washing Memorial '70 Monument as his coworkers on the ground laugh it up with the photographer. p. 5 -- Line-up: Students standing in the drop/add line in Jardine Hell waiting to get class schedules changed. Friday was the last day students could receive a 90% refund on withdrawals. p. 7
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.82 no.13
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