Online market place for bilevel EV charging control for urban community park and charge lots

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Nadipalli, Sandhya Rani
Jeganmohan, Srinivas
Hakmi, Sultan
Aravinthan, Visvakumar

S. R. Nadipalli, S. Jeganmohan, S. Hakmi and V. Aravinthan, "Online Market Place for Bilevel EV Charging Control for Urban Community Park and Charge Lots," 2019 North American Power Symposium (NAPS), Wichita, KS, USA, 2019, pp. 1-7


Increased penetration of electric vehicles imposes a new challenge on the electric distribution systems. This work proposes a unique platform to charge electric vehicles while the consumer is at work. During day time, neighborhoods near the city-center (commercial area) would have lower power consumption. If these houses are equipped with solar PVs, the power from solar PVs can be used to charge the EVs. The proposed platform uses these neighborhoods with EV chargers as potential parking/charging spaces for the consumers who travel by car from neighborhoods which are located far away from the city center. This work proposes an online marketplace where the neighborhood's near the city center would serve as the service providers and the EVs serve as the consumers. A bi-level optimal decision tool is proposed in this work to ensure that the societal surplus is maximized. The first level determines the optimal EV charging load that can be connected at each parking lot and the second level determines the optimal parking location for each EV consumer that would minimize the distance from the workplace and the cost of charging/parking. A modified water-filling algorithm is used in this work. Finally IEEE 37 node test feeder is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed online marketplace based community level EV charging model.

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