The Sunflower, v.80, no.36 (November 19, 1975)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.80 no. 36. Wichita, Kansas, November 19, 1975. - 8 pages.
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Article(s): State slashes building, operation requests: Ahlberg seeks to restore cuts -- SGA forms minority committee / Pat Jennings -- Hippodrome Committee to censor skit content / Ann Cyphert -- Veterans corner -- Issues Forum stirs discussion / Mike Taylor -- Regents to meet at WSU -- Wilderness: get lost once In a while / Phil Burger -- Farmer-physics student chooses the farm / Paula Brocklesby -- Moorhouse debate tourney set -- Fairmount Association votes no opinion on work-release -- Shocks picked for valley title / Mike Shalin -- 'Bear’ scared of Big Eight / Steve Pike -- League lead held by Wichita State bowlers -- Adkins shares Valley honor -- Food science expert to lecture here -- Kuklinski to speak in November colloquim [sic]
Photograph(s): Jim Johnson, museum assistant at Ulrich Museum is unloading copies of models made by Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibit will go on display today. / photos by Brian Corn. p. 1 -- Mike Edgar; Cheese Johnson; Doug Yoder; Sid Ford; Neil Strom; Calvin Bruton; Robert Gray; Ron Heller; Jim McCullough; Steve Kalocinski; Edwin Southern; Bob Trogele; Charles Brent; Ed Murphy; Robert Elmore; Harry Miller. p. 6 -- Claudia Kline, left, and Traca Cobb show a display that netted them a first place award in the competition sponsored by the National American Dental Hygienist Association. The winning slogan was “Dental Hygiene is for Everyone: Even the Handicapped." p. 8
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.80 no.36
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