1993-05-03 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of May 3, 1993. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1992-1993, v.6
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Old business): Task Force on Teaching -- Changes in General Education Charge -- Sexual Harassment -- (New business): Committee Reports: Academic Affairs -- Budget and Planning -- Exceptions -- Faculty Affairs -- Rules -- Scholarship & Student Aid -- Faculty Support
Attachments: Report to the Faculty Senate from the Committee on Academic Affairs / Bob Alley -- Planning and Budget Committee annual report / Jim Clark-- University Exceptions Committee annual report to the Faculty Senate / Deborah Baxter -- Faculty Affairs Committee annual report / John A. Belt -- Rules Committee annual report / Jim Clark -- Scholarship and Student Aid Committee / David Blatt -- Proposed change in the configuration of the Executive Committee / Chuck Romig
Minutes: Summary of action taken: 1. Approved a Task Force on Teaching -- 2. Approved amended General Education Committee Charge -- 3. Received reports from the following committees: Academic Affairs, Planning & Budget, Exceptions, Faculty Affairs, Rules, Scholarship and Student Aid -- 4. Approved nominees to standing committees -- 5. Approved the changes recommended by the Faculty Support Committee -- (Informal statements and proposals): President Elect Clark presented President Griffith with a plaque expressing the Senate's thanks for service and for bringing the Senate and the Administration together -- Correction of nomination / Senator Romig -- Correction Senator Cavarozzi was in Fine Arts / Senator Merriman -- AAUP state meeting discussed the Program Review process / Senator Mandt -- Request to send note of sympathy to family of Joyce Focht / Senator Murphey -- Inquiry about a Dean's prerogative to determine who elects a chair / Senator Sheffield -- Inquiry about turning in descriptions of how faculty were evaluated / Senator Sheffield -- (President's report): Regent Palmer will be in 208 CAC, Friday, May 7, from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. to meet with Faculty -- Report about Executive Committee meeting with Vice Presidents about process for implementing a larger proportion of new money to teaching purposes -- List of nominations for the search committee for the Academic Vice President distributed -- (Old business): Task Force on Teaching -- Changes in General Education Charge -- Sexual Harassment Policy Committee meeting -- (New business): Committee reports: Academic Affairs -- Planning and Budget -- Exceptions -- Faculty Affairs -- Rules -- Scholarship and Student Aid -- Faculty Support
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Wichita State University Faculty Senate Archives
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