Alternative method for isolation of double-stranded template for DNA sequencing

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Sadiev, Sagypash
Taylor, Alan

BioTechniques. 1996 Aug; 21(2): 233-5.


The increased use of plasmid DNAs in recombinant DNA technology, coupled with the growing popularity of double-stranded DNA sequencing, necessitates the development of rapid, inexpensive and efficient procedures for the isolation of highly purified plasmids. Numerous miniprep procedures have been described for preparing plasmid DNAs (1,2,4,5,8,9). A quick and efficient alternative method for the preparation of large quantities of purified plasmid DNA is presented in this report. Plasmid isolated by this method is of sufficient quality for use in DNA sequencing reactions and other molecular biological techniques. This procedure provides an attractive alternative to more expensive and/or timeconsuming methods currently used to prepare plasmid DNA.

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