Climate Survey Analysis: Prepared for Wichita State University

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Hanover Research

Hanover Research. Climate Survey Analysis: Prepared for Wichita State University. November 2016. 32 pages.


In the following report, Hanover Research analyzes a survey assessing the social climate at Wichita State University (WSU). The survey was designed to gather feedback from students, faculty, staff, and administrators about perceptions of safety, satisfaction, and comfort with the current climate at WSU. The survey also asked about possible incidents of bias or harassment and sought suggestions about how WSU can improve. Results from the survey will inform WSU’s ongoing efforts to foster a safe and supportive learning environment.

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In October 2016, 1559 current students and 703 faculty/staff members, and administrators at Wichita State University (WSU) participated in a survey about the climate on campus. Key findings: (1) students and faculty/staff feel well-connected to the University and satisfied with the campus climate overall; (2) students report feeling safe and comfortable in classrooms, during on-campus events, and in most locations/situations; (3) The university has been broadly effective in addressing diversity-related issues; (4) WSU is accessible for people with disabilities; (5) few respondents have personally experienced, witnessed, or heard about incidents of discrimination/harassment at WSU; (6) violent harassment/discrimination (physical harm, threats, property damage) is extremely rare at WSU.
The full text is suppressed from public view. Access restricted to the WSU community.