Boiling enhancement using water jet impingement on porous media columnar post surface

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Bevan, William A.
Hwang, Gisuk
Choo, Kyosung
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Conference paper
Impinging Jet , Phase Separation , Pool-boiling , Porous Medium
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Bevan, W.A., Hwang, G., & Choo, K. (2023). Boiling enhancement using water jet impingement on porous media columnar post surface. 8th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference, TFEC 2023.

Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of a submerged impinging jet in a pool boiling setup are experimentally investigated. Limited critical heat flux (CHF) and heat transfer coefficient (HTC), brought on by the counterflow of liquid and vapor across the heated surface, are the main difficulties in saturated pool-boiling heat transfer. Using porous mediums, i.e., columnar post wick, in conjunction with an impinging jet, improvements in the CHF and HTC were obtained by controlling the liquid and vapor flow for effective phase separation. The columnar post wick was fabricated using 200 µm copper particles, and the working fluid for both the pool boiling and impinging jet was water at ambient pressure. The impinging jet utilized Reynolds numbers of 800 ≤ Re ≤ 1,700. The results show that in the basic pool-boiling setup, the columnar post wick provides a 63% increase in CHF enhancement when compared to the plain surface. This was done by reducing the hydrodynamic instability (Rayleigh-Taylor) wavelength. By adding an impinging jet, CHF enhancements of the columnar post wick increased by 60%, 35%, and 41% when compared to the plain surface at three different flow rates. With the potential to be used in cutting-edge thermal management systems, the combination of impinging jet and porous media offers key insights into simultaneous CHF and HTC advancements.

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8th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference, TFEC 2023
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