Lambda Alpha Journal, v.35 (complete version)

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Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology

The thirty fifth volume of Lambda Alpha Journal includes includes seven papers with topics in biological, archaeological, and cultural anthropology, books reviews, and an updated list of chapters and advisors, followed by a recognition of past award recipients of the National Graduate Research Grants winners, National Scholarship Award winners, and the National Dean’s List Scholarship winners.

Table of Content
Articles: Creative commodification of handicrafts, the encounter between the export market and the indigenous weaver: comparisons of Latin American weaving communities by Eliza Wethey; Perceptions of malaria among western populations and the Wandamba of Eastern Africa: a cross-cultural comparison by Keirsten E. Snover; A co-evolutionary look at a host-parasite interaction: sickle cell anemia and malaria by Kimberly Casey; The setting is not the play: Neanderthals unbound on the European Landscape by Matt Dreher; Dowry and marriage ideology in modern-day India: tradition borne from modernization by Nidhi Jain; A comparative study between two organizations that integrate religions by Patricia Stepanek; Palaces of Minoan Crete by Allison Deep -- Book reviews: The killing of history: how literary critics and social theorists are murdering our past (Windschuttle 1996); A history of anthropological theory (Erickson and Murphy 2001); The Marquesan notion of the person (Kirkpatrick 1983)