The Sunflower, v.66, no.32 (February 16, 1962)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities
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Article(s): 'Fact Sheet' debated by Sunflower series / Fran Smith -- Shocks rebound from defeat; Battle OCU tomorrow night -- WU debate teams rehearse for journey to Arizona U. / Don Dewitt -- Press queen rules listed -- ROTC Queen applications due Feb. 23 -- Staff editorial [sic]: friendly give and take -- May Day skit meeting set -- Political clubs host HUAC debate / Dave Hanks -- Editorial views: Avoidance of war -- From other campuses: Press, politics split by Regents' ruling -- As an outsider / Ron Smith -- Bookstore boycott urged at Columbia / UPS -- Sports Spindle / Roger Doyle -- 'Best team in WU's history' possibility for frosh shocks -- Women surpass men in first semester grades -- 'Help' campaign set by SGA -- WU presents 3 TV shows here Sunday -- Bridge enrollment to cease tonight
Photograph(s): Debators [sic], YGOP prexy discuss HUAC. p. 1
Articles in Collegiate Digest February 1962: The Wilmington to win -- Campus wearwithal -- Fads... -- Getting around to it -- A relaxing encyclopedia for tired minds -- Making the college scene -- Making book -- Good clean fun at Colorado -- Off the record
Photographs in Collegiate Digest February 1962: In the groove for lounge-afore-sleep in this two-piece pajama outfit, knit soft, with striped pullover top and tapered black trousers. p. 1 -- Nightie bright, in sassy carnival stripes, of cotton flannel, for lounging, sleeping, and (perish forbid) maybe even studying. p. 1 -- Reigning favorite in the you-know-what is the single-breasted fly-front model with three patch pockets and plaid lining. p. 1 -- Knit inserts have solved the problem of getting leather and fabric together. p. 1 -- No waist motion here. Throw away that old piece of rope and get with the new styles in leather and stretch fabrics. p. 1 -- They stuffed telephone booths, they called long-distance for 124 straight hours, and a guy at NYU saved a gallon of cigarette ashes. p. 2 -- Place, Rochester Institute of Technology. Seen here, two opposite poles of current college student life, and a bit of deep study into their subjects. p. 2 -- Put the two together, and you have a 'baby' carriage race. p. 2 -- The four you've seen above were entrants in the carriage race sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi (how those boys like to move around!). p. 2 -- Fairleigh Dickinson University: the mansion, surrounded by 187 acres, is the Ad building. p. 3 -- Science building interior - no horses now. p. 3 -- Carriage house into science building. p. 3 -- It ain't hay now, it's art. p. 3 -- Illegible caption of six young women in gowns and holding bouquets sit on the floor around a standing woman in a gown, wearing a tiara, and holding a bouquet. p. 5 -- Prize of the Chase family is Julia, 19-year-old Smith College lassie who beat 8 out of 41 men in the 6 1/2 mile American Legion marathon and finished less than a minute behind the male winner. p. 5 -- Language barrier broken at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, in orientation program for Latin-American students. p. 5 -- Stringing along, Wilmington College's (again!) Alard-you-know-what Quartet appeared in 12 Mexican cities. p. 5 -- Student Prince is Alexandre of Belgium, shown here (tieless, center of the trio walking three abreast, middle of the photograph), strolling to medical classes at the University of Louvain. p. 5 -- Illegible caption of two women wearing large corsages on their dresses. One is holding a football. p. 5 -- A co-ed takes it on the lam, unimpressed by the slogan, 'here's mud in your eye.' Fleet male students pursue, capture quarry. p. 6 -- C.U. treasures it's 'mudeo,' now a firm campus tradition. On a vacant lot near the Boulder campus is an area kept soft by underground steam. Co-eds wander nearby at their risk, for male students gallantly salute them by total immersion in mud-baths. p. 6 -- Gurgling with delight, co-ed is helped to beauty bath by solicitous attendants. p. 6 -- Co-ed signals she's had enough, as five men intrepidly ready more gobs of mud. p. 6 -- Hilarity continues unabated as more-or-less unwary co-eds study equivalent densities of earth and water, mixed. p. 6 -- Good sports to the end, co-eds enjoy hosing as boys relent in good-earth policy. p. 6
"Semester Grade Average Disclosed See Page 4"
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.66, no.32, Wichita, Kansas, February 16, 1962. - 12 pages
University of Wichita
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