Assessing career decision-making difficulties: A cross-cultural study

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Mau, Wei-Cheng J.

Mau, W.-C. (2001). Assessing career decision-making difficulties: A cross-cultural study. Journal of Career Assessment, 9(4), 353-364. doi:10.1177/106907270100900403


This study examines the validity of the Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire (CDDQ) in relation to its cultural relevance. Relationships between career decision-making difficulties and career indecision are also examined in relation to the two cultural groups, American and Taiwanese university students. Structural equation modeling (SEM) shows that the taxonomy of career decision-making difficulties can be reliably measured for American college students. However, the data based on the Taiwanese students has a relatively poor fit of the factorial model. Compared to the America students, Taiwanese students report more difficulties in career decision making and tend to be more indecisive in their career decision making. Differences in career decision- making difficulties between American and Taiwanese college students are discussed in light of cultural differences.

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