Increasing stability in acoustic and elastic inverse source problems

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Entekhabi, Mozhgan (Nora)
Isakov, Victor

Mozhgan Entekhabi and Victor Isakov. 2020. Increasing Stability in Acoustic and Elastic Inverse Source Problems. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 2020 52:5, 5232-5256


We study increasing stability in the inverse scattering source problem for the Helmholtz equation and the classical Lamé system in the three dimensional space from boundary data at multiple wave numbers. As additional data for source identification we use pressure or displacement at the boundary of the reference domain which are natural and minimal data. By using the Fourier transform with respect to the wave numbers, explicit bounds for analytic continuation, Huygens principle, and sharp bounds for initial boundary value problems, increasing (with larger wave number intervals) stability estimates are obtained.

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