Computer-mediated communication in personal relationships

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Wright, Kevin B.
Webb, Lynne M.

Wright, Kevin B., and Lynne M. Webb, editors. Computer-Mediated Communication in Personal Relationships. Peter Lang, 2011.

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Kevin B. Wright (Ph. D., University of Oklahoma) is Professor in Communication at the University of Oklahoma. His research examines interpersonal communication, social support related to health outcomes, and computer-mediated relationships. He coauthored Health Communication in the 21st Century, and his research appears in over 45 book chapters and journal articles, including the Journal of Communication, Communication Monographs, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Communication Quarterly Journal of Applied Communication Research, Health Communication, and the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.;Lynne M. Webb (Ph. D., University of Oregon) is Professor in Communication at the University of Arkansas. She previously served as a tenured faculty member at the Universities of Florida and Memphis. Her research examines young adults' interpersonal communication in romantic and family contexts. Her research appears in over 50 essays published in scholarly journals and edited volumes, including computers in Human Behavior, Communication Education, Health Communication, and Journal of Family Communication. --Book Jacket.