1972-04-10 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, April 10, 1972. -- University Senate Meetings, 1971-1972, v.8

Table of Content
Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Approval of the minutes of March 13, 1972 -- Orders of the day -- Unfinished business -- Committee reports -- New business -- Adjournment
WSU correspondence: Proposals -- Relevant catalog -- Eligibility for courses -- Exemptions for superior achievement, item number
The composition of the Senate: Faculty representation -- Student representation -- Functions of the committee on committees -- The faculty handbook committee -- Governance report -- The Senate agenda committee amendment to Senate rule -- Advisory committee report
Format for new program proposals: Format for course proposals and course changes -- Identifying and descriptive information -- Relation to other courses -- Special or additional resources and personnel required -- Departmental justification for this course -- Approval form
WSU correspondence: Senate recommendations -- Tenure and promotion committee -- Honors committee -- Library committee
Draft outline of planning report: Immediate task -- Long range academic planning -- Governor and legislature -- Program procedure -- Structure and organization for coordination and development of six state institutions of higher education -- Academic planning and coordination -- Some basic viewpoints concerning master planning -- Findings and recommendations -- Guiding principles and standards -- Academic area requiring special study and specific program recommendations -- Summary of data by chapters prepared by institutional research personnel -- Introduction and background -- Chairman of college promotion and tenure committees -- Excerpt from ad hoc committee report regarding faculty tenure and promotion -- Function of the special policy committee -- Activities of the SPCATP -- Review of FY 1972 tenure and promotion cases -- Analysis of status of full time faculty members -- WSU analysis of promotions effective in FY 1965 -1971 -- Change in length of probationary period -- Appeals procedures -- Promotion and tenure calendar for FY 1973 -- Formating of documentation for promotion and tenure recommendations -- Future activity of SPCATP -- Summary
WSU correspondence -- Annual report to the Senate -- Discussions on declining enrollments -- Results of the project
Minutes: Approval of the minutes -- Orders of the day -- General orders -- Committee on academic standards and practices -- Curriculum committee -- Committee on committees -- Committee reports