Synthetic strategies for the preparation of precursor polymers and of microcapsules suitable for cellular entrapment by polyelectrolyte complexation of those polymers

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Dyakonov, Tania A.
Zhou, Lei
Wan, Zeng
Huang, Bin
Meng, Zhizhong
Guo, Xiaoyan
Alexander, Holly
Moore, Wayne V.
Stevenson, William T.K.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1997 Dec 31; 831: 72-85.


The production of microcapsules suitable for the entrapment of mammalian cell by means of polyelectrolyte complexation has, of a necessity, led to the development of novel strategies for the preparation of relatively bioinert polymers which complex efficiently under unique conditions to produce a mechanically resilient membrane with efficient transport properties. In this communication we relate a brief overview of capsule-membrane forming systems for the immunoisolation (or potential immunoisolation) of mammalian cells, which are based upon the complexation of polyelectrolyte (PE) polymers; with emphasis on precursor synthesis and relationships between precursor polymer structure and capsule membrane stability.

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