Chapter 10 -- Punk Authenticity: Difference across the Iron Curtain

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Hayton, Jeff

Hayton, Jeff. 2018. Chapter 10 -- Punk Authenticity: Difference across the Iron Curtain. In: The Politics of Authenticity, Countercultures and Radical Movements across the Iron Curtain, 1968-1989 Edited by Joachim C. Häberlen, Mark Keck-Szajbel, and Kate Mahoney Afterword by Sara Blaylock 308 pages


Following the convulsions of 1968, one element uniting many of the disparate social movements that arose across Europe was the pursuit of an elusive "authenticity" that could help activists to understand fundamental truths about themselves-their feelings, aspirations, sexualities, and disappointments. This volume offers a fascinating exploration of the politics of authenticity as they manifested themselves among such groups as Italian Marxists, East German lesbian activists, and punks on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Together they show not only how authenticity came to define varied social contexts, but also how it helped to usher in the neoliberalism of a subsequent era.

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