Implementing Shocker Open Access Repository

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Matveyeva, Susan J.

With implementation of SOAR (Shocker Open Access Repository), Wichita State University faculty, staff, and students received a secure electronic database to store and access their works, educational material, and university documentation. This valuable new service was developed by librarians from scratch with no additional staff hired or money spent. On October 2007, SOAR included over 700 works theses and dissertations, journals and newsletters, decorative art museum collections, research articles, administrative reports, and conference proceedings. The presenter will share her experience of the development of institutional repository in medium sized research universities as well as future plans for SOAR enhancements in the context of digital library services development. The presentation will focus on major technical, collection development, and organizational problems and decisions, such as repository purpose, service definition, choice of a digital asset management system, collection/community hierarchy and naming convention, collection development strategy, staffing and workflows, metadata issues, integration of institutional repository into other library services, etc.

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Presented at the Kansas Library Association Annual Conference, Wichita, KS, April 2008.