2018-03-12 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of March 12, 2018. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2017-2018, v.31
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): 3+3 discussion -- Joint Senate meeting -- Budget Advisory Committee Update -- (Committee reports): Rules Committee -- Time Keeping Committee / Janice Ewing -- (New business): Draft resolution regarding the Sunflower -- Update on Student Fees process / Teri Hall and Paige Hungate -- KOMA application on campus / David Moses -- Wichita State Innovation Alliance WSIA: Purpose/guiding principles / David Moses -- Bob Workman (Ulrich) Tom Otterness commission -- (Old business): Tenure and Promotion policy proposal (revised language) (2nd reading): existing policy with tenure and promotion criteria -- Update on BA in Applied Sciences from College of Education (revisions going to Academic Affairs committee for review)
Attachments: Faculty Senate President's Report - Budget Advisory Committee Update -- Draft Resolution regarding the Sunflower -- Wichita State Innovation Alliance Board / David Moses, General Counsel -- 2nd reading: Tenure and Promotion Policy Proposal / University Faculy Senate T&P Committee
Minutes: Summary of action: Approved a statement in support of the Sunflower -- (Informal statements and proposals): Kathy Hull died after being hit by a car at the crosswalk near Wilner -- (Senate President's report): Lee Ann Birdwell is the new administrative assistant for the Faculty Senate -- New date for Joint Senate Meeting is April 18 -- 3+3 discussion April 2: will look at other opportunities to partner and advance further opportunities to promote WSU students -- SGA requested that faculty are reminded that plus-minus grades are at the discretion of faculty -- Senate elections in progress -- Thanks from Academic Affairs Office to all faculty and departments that made the 120 hours report to KBOR a smooth process -- Budget Advisory Committee (2.27.18) contains a page on revenues and potential expenditures -- (Committee reports): Rules Committee: Recruiting Senators to serve next year -- Time Keeping Committee had final meeting and made recommendations for time-keeping software / Janice Ewing -- (Old business): Update on BA in Applied Sciences from College of Education (revisions going to Academic Affairs committee for review) -- (New business): Draft resolution regarding the Sunflower from Executive Committee (voted 7-1 in favor)
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