Editorial: Cognitive and Brain Aging: Interventions to Promote Well-Being in Old Age

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Baldwin, Carryl L.
Greenwood, Pamela M.

Baldwin CL and Greenwood PM (2020) Editorial: Cognitive and Brain Aging: Interventions to Promote Well-Being in Old Age. Front. Aging Neurosci. 11:353


This Research Topic is dedicated to the memory of Raja Parasuraman who passed away prematurely on March 22, 2015, ending a remarkable career spanning both diverse and intersecting research areas. Over the course of his career Raja used a variety of techniques ranging from behavioral studies, signal detection theory, electrophysiology, fMRI, and genetic analysis to contribute to different disciplines including human factors, cognitive neuroscience, and the intersection of the two in his founding of the field of neuroergonomics. He maintained an interest in cognitive aging throughout most of his career, studying the effects of not only disease states, such as Alzheimer's, but also interindividual differences in cognitive performance through cognitive genetics and cognitive training.

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