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  • Book review: Linked data for cultural heritage 

    Walker, Lizzy (Association College & Research Libraries, 2017-07)
    Linked data has been a hot topic in the library world, and this book provides a good overview of the topic. The contributors present theoretical and practical information to help readers understand linked data concepts and ...
  • Entrepreneurship outreach through research workshops 

    Butts, Sara; Kuhlmann, Meghann (American Library Association, 2017-06-24)
    In fall 2016, Wichita State University Libraries introduced an Entrepreneurship Research Series with workshops designed to support both the burgeoning startup culture on our campus and also entrepreneurs in the greater ...
  • A simple software prototype to enhance academic and industry research collaboration 

    Abdinnour, Sue; Kuhlmann, Meghann (North American Business Press, 2016)
    This paper introduces a software prototype designed to enhance local collaboration between researchers from across academic disciplines and institutions as well as industry partners. Academic departments can create ...
  • Book review: Information 2.0, second edition: New models of information production, distribution and consumption 

    Walker, Lizzy (Association College & Research Libraries, 2016-05)
    Martin De Saulles, principal lecturer in digital marketing at the University of Brighton, UK, provides a solid examination of the digital information landscape and discusses the implications of technological changes in the ...
  • Documenting art and history: the “Back to Fort Scott” materials in the Gordon Parks Papers 

    Madway, Lorraine (University of Nebraska Press, 2016)
    The materials dealing with Gordon Parks’s unpublished article for Life magazine, “Back to Fort Scott,” in the Gordon Parks Papers at Wichita State University Libraries are one of the most compelling and illuminating parts ...
  • Framing the framework the rigorous responsibilities of library and information science 

    Filbert, Nathan W. (American Library Association, 2016)
    The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education offers library and information science (LIS) professionals a conceptual approach for leading information literacy efforts in a digital environment. But while ...
  • Progress report FY2014 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2014)
  • Progress report FY2013 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2013)
  • Progress report FY2012 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2012)
  • Learning from librarians and teens about YA library spaces 

    Kuhlmann, Meghann; Agosto, Denise E.; Bell, Jonathan Pacheco; Bernier, Anthony (Public Library Association, 05-2014)
    Young adult (YA) librarianship has received growing attention in the library literature over the past several years. However, the majority of writing on this topic has focused on the services provided rather than on the ...
  • "This is our library, and it's a pretty cool place": A user-centered study of public library YA spaces 

    Agosto, Denise E.; Bell, Jonathan Pacheco; Bernier, Anthony; Kuhlmann, Meghann (Taylor & Francis Group, 03-03-2015)
    This study sought to collect data from teens and librarians about their preferences and recommendations for the effective design of physical library spaces for teens. Librarians and teens at twenty-two U.S. public libraries ...
  • Social media for career development: A door to deeper information skills 

    Kuhlmann, Meghann (San Jose State University, 2013-04-05)
    Although social media is the dominant method of communication among college students, the transition from personal to professional use creates unique challenges for which many seek support. This poster presents a workshop ...
  • Controversy and diversity: LGBTQ titles in academic library youth collections 

    Williams, Virginia Kay; Deyoe, Nancy (American Library Association, 2015)
    Academic libraries supporting education and library science programs collect youth literature to support courses that teach students to evaluate and use books with children and teenagers. Although children's and young adult ...
  • Building the Bridge: collaboration between Technical Services and Special Collections 

    Matveyeva, Susan J.; Walker, Lizzy (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2014-10-08)
    At Wichita State University Ablah Library, members of Technical Services and Special Collections began collaborating on a mass digitization project to increase visibility and accessibility of Special Collections holdings, ...
  • Sustainable Assessment: Using Google Forms for Library Instruction 

    Haren, Shonn; Mallon, Melissa N. (2015-06-29)
    Instruction librarians, especially in the social sciences, are often called upon to teach research sessions to large groups of students. Planning what to teach in these sessions can be overwhelming, but designing a method ...
  • Book review: Library automation: core concepts and practical systems analysis 

    Walker, Lizzy (Association College & Research Libraries, 2015-03)
    Bilal discusses at length integrated library systems (ILS), provides and overview of the Library Automation Lifecycle (LALC), and emphasizes throughout the fact that technology changes rapidly. As a result of technological ...
  • Textual Portraits: Using Word Clouds as an Analysis Tool for Digitized Texts 

    Haren, Shonn (2015-02-28)
    Digital collections of textual material have become rich repositories for primary source materials. However, dense collections of digitized text can prove daunting to patrons seeking to access and analyze the documents ...
  • Book review: Developing and managing electronic collections: the essentials 

    Williams, Virginia Kay (American Library Association, 2014-07)
    As Johnson comments in the preference, her goal is to offer practical advice in working through the many issues involved in providing library users access to online resources. She focuses on indexing and abstracting ...
  • Book review: RDA and serials cataloging 

    Walker, Lizzy (© 1996-2014 American Library Association, 2014-04)
    The transition to and implementation of RDA: Resource Description and Access have presented many challenges to those involved with serials and continuing resources cataloging. (1) In RDA and Serials Cataloging, Ed Jones ...
  • InfoConnect 

    Wichita State University Libraries (Wichita State University Libraries, 2004-03)
    InfoConnect, a publication of the Wichita State University Libraries for library friends and the university community. Dr. Pal V. Rao, Dean; Editor: Nan Myers, Designer: Sai Deng, Proofreader: Liorah Golomb

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