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    • Beam engine powered circular sawing machine 

      Rahman, Khan Habeeb Ur (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2007-04-27)
      In this project, the output of a Beam Engine is used to drive a circular saw to cut timber. Here, instead of the rotating fly wheel, it is intended to have a rotating circular saw. This rotating circular saw is used to ...
    • Effect of cutting temperatures on the hole quality of a carbon-fiber composite 

      Rahman, Khan Habeeb Ur; Bahr, Behnam (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2008-04-25)
      The drilling of composites project is aimed at minimizing delamination and reducing the fiber pull out, thereby improving the hole quality. The heat generated during drilling has an adverse effect on the hole quality. So ...
    • Investigation of the effect of different parameters in the drilled hole quality in composite materials 

      Sahraie Jahromi, Ashkan; Rahman, Khan Habeeb Ur; Bassi, R.; Bahr, Behnam (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2007-04-27)
      Two different delamination mechanisms that need to be controlled by the drill geometry and thrust force will be observed in the drilling of composites. The studies which have been done up to now focus on the thrust ...