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    • Nested algorithms and "the original imitation game test": a reply to James Moor 

      Sterrett, Susan G. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002)
      In "The Status and Future of the Turing Test" (Moor, 2001), which appeared in an earlier issue of this journal, James Moor remarks on my paper "Turing's Two Tests for Intelligence." In my paper I had claimed that, whatever ...
    • Too many instincts: contrasting philosophical views on intelligence in humans and non-humans 

      Sterrett, Susan G. (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2002)
      This paper investigates the following proposal about machine intelligence: that behaviour in which a habitual response that would have been inappropriate in a certain unfamiliar situation is overridden and replaced by a ...
    • Turing's two tests for intelligence 

      Sterrett, Susan G. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000)
      On a literal reading of 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence', Alan Turing presented not one, but two, practical tests to replace the question 'Can machines think?' He presented them as equivalent. I show here that the ...