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    • Jonah's complexes and our own: psychology and the interpretation of the Book of Jonah 

      Lasine, Stuart (SAGE Publications Ltd., 2016-12-01)
      This article employs attribution theory to investigate why readers have made such widely varying judgments concerning the character Jonah. This branch of social psychology examines the ways in which we go about judging ...
    • The lectionary as a guide to thinking about poverty 

      Bergen, Wesley J. (SAGE Publications, 2014-01)
      If a church uses a lectionary as its guide for worship and preaching, how likely is it to address the problem of poverty? If it does address this question, toward what answers does the lectionary guide the preacher? Using ...
    • Matrices of motherhood in Judges 5 

      Thelle, Rannfrid I. (SAGE, 2019-05-07)
      In Judges 5, patterns of motherhood weave throughout the poem, forming an intrinsic component of the fabric of the text. In pursuing these threads, I focus on the construction of Deborah as ‘mother in Israel’, both through ...