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dc.contributor.authorCassisi, Santi
dc.contributor.authorMucciarelli, Alessio
dc.contributor.authorPietrinferni, Adeiano
dc.contributor.authorSalaris, Maurizio
dc.contributor.authorFerguson, Jason W.
dc.identifier.citationCassisi, Santi; Mucciarelli, Alessio; Pietrinferni, Adriano; Salaris, Maurizio; Ferguson, Jason. 2013. Photometric properties of stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters: the role of the Mg-Al anticorrelation. Astronomy & Astrophysics, v.554:no.A19:7 pagesen_US
dc.descriptionClick on the DOI link to access the article.en_US
dc.description.abstractWe have computed low-mass stellar models and synthetic spectra for an initial chemical composition that includes the full C-N, O-Na, and Mg-Al abundance anticorrelations observed in second-generation stars belonging to a number of massive Galactic globular clusters. This investigation extends a previous study that addressed the effect of only the C-N and O-Na anticorrelations seen in all globulars observed to date. We find that the impact of Mg-Al abundance variations at fixed [Fe/H] and helium abundance is negligible on stellar models and isochrones (from the main sequence to the tip of the red giant branch) and bolometric corrections, when compared to the effect of C-N and O-Na variations. We identify a spectral feature at 490-520 nm, for low-mass main sequence stars, caused by MgH molecular bands. This feature has a vanishingly small effect on bolometric corrections for Johnson and Stromgren filters that cover that spectral range. However, specific narrow-band filters able to target this wavelength region can be powerful tools for investigating the Mg-poor unevolved stars and highlight possible splittings of the main sequence due to variations of Mg abundances.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipPRIN-INAF 2011 "Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters: their role in the Galaxy assembly" (PI: E. Carretta), and from PRIN MIUR 2010-2011, project "The Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of the Milky Way and Local Group Galaxies", prot. 2010LY5N2T (PI: F. Matteucci).en_US
dc.publisherEDP Sciences S Aen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesAstronomy & Astriphysics;v.554:no.A19
dc.subjectStars -- abundancesen_US
dc.subjectHertzsprung-Russell and C-M diagramsen_US
dc.subjectStars -- evolutionen_US
dc.subjectGlobular clusters -- generalen_US
dc.titlePhotometric properties of stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters: the role of the Mg-Al anticorrelationen_US
dc.description.versionPeer reviewed
dc.rights.holder© ESO, 2013. ESO grants to the author(s) the non-exclusive right of republication, subject only to their giving appropriate credit to A&A. This non-exclusive right of republication permits authors to post the published PDF version of the above article on their personal and/or institutional web site(s), including ArXiV. The non-exclusive right of republication also includes the authors’ right to grant reproduction of parts of your article wherever they wish, provided they request the permission to do so from the A&A Editor-in-Chief ( To protect the copyright in the article, the following notice should be included in the credit: “Credit: Author, A&A, vol., page, year, reproduced with permission, c ESO”.

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