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    • Frequency characteristics of eye movements during a cognitively demanding task 

      Tokuda, Satoru; Obinata, Goro; Palmer, Evan M.; Chaparro, Alex (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012-09)
      This study investigated the relation between cognitive load (CL) and eye movement frequency characteristics. Previously, eye gaze has been known to have more gaze deviation when the person is engaged in a cognitively ...
    • Hypo-glycosylated hFSH binds and activates FSH receptors more rapidly than fully-glycosylated hFSH 

      Bousfield, George R.; Butnev, Vladimir Y.; May, Jeffrey V.; Harvey, David J.; Jiang, Chao; Davis, John S. (FASEB: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 2013-04)
      Follitropin (FSH) heterodimers possess two potential N-glycosylation sites on both common α and hormone-specific β subunits. Hypo-glycosylated hFSH isolated from lutropin preparations possessed a partially glycosylated ...