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    • Linear and differential ion mobility separations of middle-down proteoforms 

      Garabedian, Alyssa; Baird, Matthew A.; Porter, Jacob; Fouque, Kevin Jeanne Dit; Shliaha, Pavel V.; Jensen, Ole N.; Williams, Todd D.; Fernandez-Lima, Francisco; Shvartsburg, Alexandre A. (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      Comprehensive characterization of proteomes comprising the same proteins with distinct post-translational modifications (PTMs) is a staggering challenge. Many such proteoforms are isomers (localization variants) that require ...
    • Rapid amino acid analysis of beers using flow-gated capillary electrophoresis coupled with side-by-side calibration 

      Zhu, Qingfu; Zhang, Ning; Gong, Maojun (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-08-21)
      Amino acid analysis is an important procedure to measure free amino acids (AAs) in various samples including proteins, blood plasma, urine, foods and beverages. Due to the complexity of these samples, chemical separations ...