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    • The BAyesian STellar algorithm (BASTA): a fitting tool for stellar studies, asteroseismology, exoplanets, and Galactic archaeology 

      Aguirre Børsen-Koch, V.; Rørsted, J.L.; Justesen, A.B.; Stokholm, A; Verma, K.; Winther, M.L.; Knudstrup, E.; Nielsen, K.B.; Sahlholdt, C.; Larsen, J.R.; Cassisi, S.; Serenelli, A.M.; Casagrande, L.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Davies, G.R.; Ferguson, Jason W.; Lund, M.N.; Weiss, A.; White, T.R. (Oxford University Press, 2021-09-29)
      We introduce the public version of the BAyesian STellar Algorithm (BASTA), an open-source code written in PYTHON to determine stellar properties based on a set of astrophysical observables. BASTA has been specifically ...
    • Bayesian variable selection and estimation in quantile regression using a quantile-specific prior 

      Dao, Mai; Wang, Min; Ghosh, Souparno; Ye, Keying (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-19)
      Asymmetric Laplace (AL) specification has become one of the ideal statistical models for Bayesian quantile regression. In addition to fast convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo, AL specification guarantees posterior ...
    • The beetle tree of life reveals that Coleoptera survived end-Permian mass extinction to diversify during the Cretaceous terrestrial revolution 

      Mckenna, Duane D.; Wild, Alexander L.; Kanda, Kojun; Bellamy, Charles L.; Beutel, Rolf G.; Caterino, Michael S.; Farnum, Charles W.; Hawks, David C.; Ivie, Michael A.; Jameson, Mary Liz; Leschen, Richard A. B.; Marvaldi, Adriana E.; Mchugh, Joseph V.; Newton, Alfred F.; Robertson, James A.; Thayer, Margaret K.; Whiting, Michael F.; Lawrence, John F.; Slipinski, Adam; Maddison, David R.; Farrell, Brian D. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2015-10)
      Here we present a phylogeny of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) based on DNA sequence data from eight nuclear genes, including six single-copy nuclear protein-coding genes, for 367 species representing 172 of 183 extant ...
    • Beetles (Coleoptera) of Peru: a survey of the families. Scarabaeoidea 

      Ratcliffe, Brett C.; Jameson, Mary Liz; Figueroa, L.; Cave, R. D.; Paulsen, M. J.; Cano, Enio B.; Beza-Beza, Cristian F.; Jimenez-Ferbans, L.; Reyes-Castillo, Pedro (Kansas Entomological Society, 2015-04)
      The 1042 species of Scarabaeoidea known to occur in Peru are listed with their taxonomic placement in families, subfamilies, and tribes.
    • Beginning discovery (Chapter 1) 

      Thelle, Rannfrid I. (Taylor & Francis, 2019)
      After lying buried in the ground for over 2000 years, the remains of ancient Babylon were excavated around 100 years ago. Yet, even after its discovery the city remains enveloped in a web of myth, and occupies a unique ...
    • Behavior of some CMC capillary surfaces at convex corners 

      Crenshaw, Julie N.; Lancaster, Kirk E. (Pacific Journal of Mathematics at the University of California, 2006-04)
      We construct examples of nonparametric surfaces z = h(x, y) of zero mean curvature which satisfy contact angle boundary conditions in a cylinder in R3 over a convex domain with corners. When the contact angles for ...
    • A behavioral economic assessment of individualizing versus binding moral foundations 

      Clark, Charles B.; Swails, Jeffrey A.; Pontinen, Heidi M.; Bowerman, Shannon E.; Kriz, Kenneth A.; Hendricks, Peter S. (Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved., 2017-07-01)
      The goal of the study was to determine if people's endorsement of different moral foundations influences their degree of prosocial behavior in a set of economic exchange games. Moral Foundations Theory has proven to be a ...
    • Behavioral evidence analysis on Facebook: a test of cyber-profiling 

      Yu, Sz De (European Defendology Center (Banja Luka, Serbia), 2013)
      This article applies criminal profiling in a cyber-context. More precisely, a deductive profiling method, behavioral evidence analysis, is adopted to develop cyber-profiling that aims to analyze the subject’s online behaviors. ...
    • Behind bars: an investigation of bartenders in Missouri-St. Louis 

      White, Donna (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2000)
    • Behind closed doors: sadomasochistic enactments and psychoanalytic research 

      Huprich, Steven K.; Bornstein, Robert F. (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015-01-06)
      Psychoanalytic research has flourished in recent years, yet so has animosity toward it. This curious state of affairs has led to a divergence of opinions in a professional community that is demanding more (and more rigorous) ...
    • Behind the inscrutable wonder: the dramaturgy of the mask performance in traditional African society 

      Okafor, Chinyere Grace (Indiana University Press, 1991-01)
      Article examines the aesthetics of traditional African mask performance.
    • Bene merenti: an epigraphic display of social identity and expectational difference between Roman freeborn and freed women 

      Thompson, Kori (Wichita State University, 2014-12)
      The overall concern of this thesis is to examine the difference in social identity and its formation processes and the expectations placed upon free-born and freed Roman women within specific roles using epigraphic evidence ...
    • The benefits of magnetic/protein targeted drug delivery in treating skin cancer in-vivo 

      Misak, Heath Edward; Abedin, Farhana; Man, Michelle; Herring, Jennifer (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2011-05-04)
      Skin cancer represents the most common type of cancers, and is life threatening without treatment. People with light skin, genetic diseases and high exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) are at a high risk of developing ...
    • Benefits of the Wii Fit as an exercise program for older adults 

      Hermes, D.; Hitch, S.; Honea, A.; Stephenson, J.; Bauer, J. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2010-04-23)
      To determine if Wii Fit is an effective older adult exercise program compared to a traditional exercise program (TRAD) with respect to functional fitness (FF) and balance. Wii Fit women (n=4) were matched on multiple ...
    • Benefits to pets from the human-animal bond: a study of pet owner behaviors and their relation to attachment 

      Douglas, Deanna K. (2005-05)
      Researchers have demonstrated clear benefits to humans in their relationships with companion animals; however, little is known about how these animals may benefit from their relationships with humans. The purpose of the ...
    • The Berdache as shaman: an analysis 

      Klieger, P. Christiaan (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1984)
      The phenomenon of berdache sexual inversion among the Northern Plains Indians continues to be both a source of interest and confusion for anthropologists. Early ethnohistoric literature and later causal analyses of the ...
    • Beta regression finite mixture models of polarization and priming 

      Smithson, Michael; Merkle, Edgar C.; Verkuilen, Jay (American Educational Research Association, 2011)
      This paper describes the application of finite-mixture general linear models based on the beta distribution to modeling response styles, polarization, anchoring, and priming effects in probability judgments. These models, ...
    • Better together? Eamining the usability of the EMR using the desktop and native mobile application 

      Leverenz, Tiffany; Fouquet, Sarah; Chan, Y. Raymond; Kennedy, Brandan; Fitzmaurice, Laura (Wichita State University, 2017-04-28)
      The purpose of this study was to compare hospitalists' performance, workload, and satisfaction on a commercial EMR via desktop and a native mobile application. Twelve attending pediatric hospitalists were recruited at ...
    • Beyond Annie Oakley: an analysis of TV's portrayal of markswomen 

      Dreiling, Michelle (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2012-04-18)
      Media portrayals influence how women are perceived in society. Historically, women have often been chastised or punished for exhibiting skills and attributes which have been traditionally perceived as appropriate for men ...
    • Beyond the plan: plot farming in Hungary 

      Vasary, Ildiko (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1983)
      In the course of the collectivization campaign in Hungary, the options open to the peasantry were very limited or at least heavily channeled toward specific directions. Options were open, however, as regards the engagement ...