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    • K-combined random fields: Basic properties and stochastic orderings 

      Chen, Boming; Wang, Fangfang; Ma, Chunsheng (Taylor and Francis, 2021-05-17)
      This paper introduces the K-combined vector random field, whose finite-dimensional characteristic functions are made up of certain power functions and whose finite-dimensional density functions are comprised of the modified ...
    • K-differenced vector random fields 

      Alsultan, Rehab; Ma, Chunsheng (SIAM Publ., 2019)
      A thin-tailed vector random field, referred to as a K-differenced vector random field, is introduced. Its finite-dimensional densities are the differences of two Besse! functions of second order, whenever they exist, and ...
    • K-distributed vector random fields in space and time 

      Ma, Chunsheng (Elsevier, 2013-04)
      This paper introduces two types of second-order vector random fields or stochastic processes whose marginals are K-distributed, through certain mixture procedures. The first type is formulated as an independent product of ...
    • The K-INBRE symposium: a 10-institution collaboration to improve undergraduate education 

      Velasquez, Sarah E.; Abraham, K.; Burnett, Tim G.; Chapin, Bridgett; Hendry, William J. III; Leung, Sam; Madden, Michael E.; Rider, Virginia; Stanford, John A.; Ward, Robert E.; Chapes, Stephen K. (American Physiological Society, 2018-03)
      The Kansas-IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) is an infrastructure-building program funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Undergraduate education, through undergraduate research, ...
    • Kahler-Einstein metrics with edge singularities 

      Jeffres, Thalia D.; Mazzeo, Rafe; Rubinstein, Yanir A. (Princeton University, 2016-01)
      This article considers the existence and regularity of Kahler Einstein metrics on a compact Kahler manifold M with edge singularities with cone angle 2 pi beta along a smooth divisor D. We prove existence of such metrics ...
    • Kansa cultural traits and history 

      Breth, Ronald W. (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society at Wichita State University, 1986)
      History of Kansa Indians migrations an cultural connections
    • A Kansas Folsom site may have preceded the famous type site in New Mexico 

      Agogino, George A. (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1988)
      Paleo-Indian excavations in New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas ard dating of finding is discussed.
    • Kansas in American poetry, by Mildred Aldridge Turner 

      Turner, Mildred A. (Wichita State University, 1935-07)
      In this dissertation, Kansas in American Poetry, only poems which are written about Kansas have been considered. Some of them were written by native born Kansans, some by men and women who have adopted Kansas as their ...
    • Kansas lithic types at Glen Elder 

      Blakeslee, Donald J. (Wichita State University. Dept. of Anthropology, 2009-09-17)
      This item is part of Wichita State University Dept. of Anthropology collection of archaeological artifacts
    • Kansas promotional activities with particular reference to Mennonites 

      Dyck, Cornelius J. (Wichita State University, 1955-01)
    • Kansas vs. Roeder: Christian Identity, Juridical Discourses and American Exceptionalism 

      Click, Teresa L. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2011-05-04)
      The US Evangelical movement's use of media and the court system since the 1980s to litigate morality issues, such as abortion, has gained global attention with the state of Kansas at the center of this awareness. On May ...
    • A Kantian theory of the Sensory Processing Subtype of ASD 

      Castro, Susan V. H. (Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, 2019-03)
      Immanuel Kant’s theory of imagination is a surprisingly fruitful nexus of explanation for the prima facie disparate characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), especially the sub-spectrum best characterized by the ...
    • Katherine Vaz, Distinguished Fiction Writer 

      Vaz, Katherine (2011-11-17)
      Katherine Vaz, Visiting Faculty & Distinguished Fiction Writer in Residence for WSU Dept. of English, reads her work.
    • The Katsina cult and Pueblo IV religious and political organization 

      Atkins, Ashley (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2007)
      Author evaluates the interpretations of origin and evolution of the Pueblo Katsina Cult and proposes her own explanation of on the role of Katsina Cult in the Pueblo society.
    • Kähler manifolds and the curvature operator of the second kind 

      Li, Xiaolong (Springer Link, 2023-03-22)
      This article aims to investigate the curvature operator of the second kind on Kähler manifolds. The first result states that an m-dimensional Kähler manifold with $$\frac{3}{2}(m^2-1)$$-nonnegative (respectively, ...
    • “Keeping pure hearts”: identity, reminiscence, and resistance in okinawan popular music 

      Harvey, Sandi K. (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2007-04-27)
      Since the early 1990s, Okinawans have creating music, which mixes traditional min yo’ (folk songs) and shima uta (Island songs) with jazz, reggae, folk, and other Western musical elements. The mixing of traditional and ...
    • Keratinolytic bacteria from the feathers of wild Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis) 

      Tran, Minh D.; Dille, John Wesley; Camden, Weslin L.; Brunt, Diamond; Rogers, Christopher M.; Schneegurt, Mark A. (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2022-01-27)
      We collected >300 bacterial isolates from overwintering Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis) to find that ∼40% appear to degrade the structural protein of feathers using extracellular keratinase enzymes. A guild of bacteria ...
    • Kevin Brockmeier, Fiction Reading 

      Brockmeier, Kevin (2013-11-13)
      Award winning author Kevin Brockmeier, reads from his work.
    • Kinds of models 

      Sterrett, Susan G. (2003-03-20)
      In this paper, I survey a broad variety of models with an eye to asking what kind of model each is in the following sense: in virtue of what is each of them regarded as a model? It will be seen that when we classify models ...
    • Kinematic analysis of multiple constraints on a pointing task 

      Thompson, Shelby Glynn; McConnell, Daniel S.; Slocum, Jeremy S.; Bohan, Michael (Elsevier BV * North-Holland, 2007-02)
      The current experiment suggests that the speed/accuracy tradeoff is composed of two classes of constraints, effector and task. We examined the effects of movement distance, target size, orientation of the movement in the ...