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  • Survey experiments and changes in question wording in repeated cross-sectional surveys 

    Holbrook, Allyson L.; Sterrett, David; Crosby, Andrew W.; Stavrakantonaki, Marina; Wang, Xiaoheng; Zhao, Tianshu; Johnson, Timothy P. (Wiley, 2019)
    This chapter first describes what repeated cross-sectional surveys are and their uses. It then briefly reviews how changes in both questionnaire design best practices and language norms impact question wording over time. ...
  • Predation landscapes influence migratory prey ecology and evolution 

    Sabal, Megan C.; Boyce, Mark S.; Charpentier, Corie L.; Furey, Nathan B.; Luhring, Thomas M.; Martin, Hans W.; Melnychuk, Michael C.; Srygley, Robert B.; Wagner, C. M.; Wirsing, Aaron J.; Ydenberg, Ronald C.; Palkovacs, Eric P. (Elsevier, 2021-05-13)
    Migratory prey experience spatially variable predation across their life cycle. They face unique challenges in navigating this predation landscape, which affects their perception of risk, antipredator responses, and resulting ...
  • Qutrit-inspired fully self-supervised shallow quantum learning network for brain tumor segmentation 

    Konar, Debanjan; Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha; Panigrahi, Bijaya K.; Behrman, Elizabeth C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2021-05-13)
    Classical self-supervised networks suffer from convergence problems and reduced segmentation accuracy due to forceful termination. Qubits or bilevel quantum bits often describe quantum neural network models. In this article, ...
  • Synthesis, crystal structure, linear and nonlinear optical properties of quaternary sulfides $Ba_6$$(Cu_2X)$$Ge_4$$S_{16}$ $(X=Mg, Mn, Cd)$ 

    Cicirello, Gary; Wu, Kui; Wang, Jian (Elsevier, 2021-08-01)
    Three new quaternary noncentrosymmetric sulfides, $Ba_6$$(Cu_{1.9}$$4Mg_{1.1})$$Ge_4$$S_{16,}$ $Ba_6$$(Cu_{2.2}$$Mn_{0.8})$$Ge_4$$S_{16,}$ and $Ba_6$($Cu_{1.6}$$Cd_{1.4}$)$Ge_4$$S_{16,}$ have been synthesized by a ...
  • Tuning cationic micelle properties with an antioxidant additive: A molecular perspective 

    Kumar, Vinod; Sai, Geetha M.; Verma, Rajni; Mitchell-Koch, Katie R.; Ray, Debes; Aswal, Vinod K.; Thareja, Prachi; Kuperkar, Ketan C.; Bahadur, Pratap (American Chemical Society, 2021-04-01)
    In this work, we characterize the micellization and morphology transition induced in aqueous cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) solution by the addition of the antioxidant propyl gallate (PG) using tensiometry, rheology, ...
  • Investigating visual crowding of objects in complex real-world scenes 

    Ringer, Ryan; Coy, Allison M.; Larson, Adam M.; Loschky, Lester C. (SAGE Publications, 2021-04-28)
    Visual crowding, the impairment of object recognition in peripheral vision due to flanking objects, has generally been studied using simple stimuli on blank backgrounds. While crowding is widely assumed to occur in natural ...
  • Bioscaffold-based study of glioblastoma cell behavior and drug delivery for tumor therapy 

    Tran, Kimmy; Brice, Ryan; Yao, Li (Elsevier, 2021-07-01)
    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a severe form of brain cancer with an average five-year survival rate of 6.7%. Current treatment strategies include surgical resection of the tumor area and lining the lesion site with ...
  • Pathways from bullying victimization to suicidal thoughts among urban African American adolescents: Implications for nurse practitioners 

    Lee, Jeoungmin; Hong, Jun-sung; Resko, Stella M.; González-Prendes, A. Antonio; Voisin, Dexter R. (Wiley, 2021-04-26)
    Purpose: Children and adolescents who are victimized by their peers are at an elevated risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Bullying and suicide are major public health concerns; however, studies have not fully addressed ...
  • Increased volumes of lobule VI in a valproic acid model of autism are associated with worse set-shifting performance in male Long-Evan rats 

    Payne, Macy; Mali, Ivina; McKinnell, Zach E.; Vangsness, Lisa; Shrestha, Tej B.; Boßmann, Stefan H.; Plakke, Bethany (Elsevier, 2021-08-15)
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder with a skewed sex-based diagnostic ratio. While males are at a higher risk for ASD, it is critical to understand the neurobiology of the disorder to develop ...
  • Prospects for beyond the Standard Model physics searches at the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment: DUNE collaboration 

    Abi, B.; Acciarri, R.; Acero, Mario A.; Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Solomey, Nickolas (Springer Nature, 2021-04-16)
    The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) will be a powerful tool for a variety of physics topics. The high-intensity proton beams provide a large neutrino flux, sampled by a near detector system consisting of a ...
  • FGDB: Database of follicle stimulating hormone glycans 

    Shakyawar, Sushil K.; Pandey, Sanjit; Harvey, David J.; Bousfield, George R.; Guda, Chittibabu (Elsevier, 2021)
    Glycomics, the study of the entire complement of sugars of an organism has received significant attention in the recent past due to the advances made in high throughput mass spectrometry technologies. These analytical ...
  • Lambda Alpha Journal, v.49 (complete version) 

    Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
  • Letter from the editor 

    Moore-Jansen, Peer H. (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    The manuscripts included in the current volume reports address topics such as: 1) the evolution of color vision in primates (Kulick); 2) challenges to carry forward African American identity and cultural continuity in rural ...
  • 21st Annual Lambda Alpha Symposium, Wichita State University, April 13, 2019 

    Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    Abstracts of student papers delivered at the 21st Annual Lambda Alpha Symposium held on April 13, 2019, Wichita State University.
  • Privy to their secrets: A discussion of fetal remains from a New York privy 

    Murphy, Shayne (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    During the excavation of a privy shaft in upstate New York, archaeologists discovered the remains of a 36-week-old fetus. An unusual archaeological find, this discovery led to discussions of 19th century America and the ...
  • How the Athenian Plague affected the topography of Athens and vice versa 

    Stough, Mary Ashley (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    Diseases have been the biggest killers of humans. Some of the deadliest diseases that have afflicted humanity, including smallpox, the flu, tuberculosis, malaria, the bubonic plague, measles, and cholera, are "infectious ...
  • Visual archeology: Native American photographs as artifacts of the past 

    Moses, Coy J. (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    Woven throughout this paper is the thread of family photography, that concentrates on the importance of photographs to both researchers and descendant communities and considers why historical collections of photographs ...
  • Nuances of the nochtli 

    Clark, Lauren (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    The domestication of insects in order to create dye for textiles, food, and cosmetics has been practiced all over the world for much of human history. For instance, the scale insect called kermes, native to coastal ...
  • Re-defining "Indigeneity": Understanding claims to indigenous identity amongst Native American student association members 

    Kainu, Morgan (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    When initially considering where to focus my gaze for a semester-long research project, I found myself drawn to various communities on campus and to student activities and interactions. As a student in several classes with ...
  • Exploring the Amazon fake review economy 

    Milligan, Michaela J. (Wichita State University. Department of Anthropology, 2019)
    Maybe you've received one before: a small note, tucked away in an Amazon package, with a message like "if you have any issues please contact our customer service" or "receive a free second product in exchange for your ...

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