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    • Effective medium theory and Rosseland mean opacity 

      Penley, Jonathan Jay (2005-12)
      As a gas cools the mean opacity becomes dominated by the opacity of molecules and at low temperatures solid dust grains. Accurately computing the opacity is necessary to accurately compute the transfer of radiation through ...
    • Monochromatic molecular absorption coefficients for use in calculations of stellar opacity 

      Ehrmann, Kari Lynn (Wichita State University, 2018-05)
      In order to fully understand stellar structure, it is necessary to know the opacity, as it influences the behavior of radiative transfer within the stellar interior. Opacity plays an important role in the onset of ...
    • Stellar modeling with low-temperature on-the-fly opacity 

      Buchele, Lynn (Wichita State University, 2021-05)
      Accurate stellar modeling requires using our understanding of phenomena far smaller than humans can observe to study some of the largest objects in the universe. One quantity that bridges this gap is the mean opacity, ...