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    • What do we need to ask before settling space? 

      Schwartz, James S.J.; Wells-Jensen, Sheri; Traphagan, John W.; Weibel, Deana L.; Smith, Kelly C. (British Interplanetary Society, 2021-04)
      We advocate for a "humanitarian review" of space settlement proposals, which takes seriously the various cultural and ethical questions that space settlement raises. As a preview of how such a review might be conducted, ...
    • Epistemologys prime evils 

      Bondy, Patrick R. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2021-05-26)
      This essay addresses what we can call epistemology’s Prime Evils. These are the three demons epistemologists have conjured that are the most troublesome and the most difficult to dispel: Descartes’ classic demon; Lehrer ...
    • Using mobile technology to enhance college sexual violence response, prevention, and risk reduction efforts 

      Potter, Sharyn J.; Moschella, Elizabeth A.; Demers, Jennifer M.; Lynch, Michelle (Routledge, 2021-06)
      Given high rates of sexual violence (SV) perpetrated against college students, campus administrators need to identify and utilize strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of SV before, during, and after violence has ...