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    • Broad-spectrum cyclopropane-based inhibitors of coronavirus 3C-like proteases: Biochemical, structural, and virological studies 

      Dampalla, Chamandi S.; Nguyen, Harry Nhat; Rathnayake, Athri D.; Kim, Yunjeong; Perera, Krishani Dinali; Madden, Trent K.; Thurman, Hayden A.; Machen, Alexandra J.; Kashipathy, Maithri M.; Liu, Lijun; Battaile, Kevin P.; Lovell, Scott; Chang, Kyeong-Ok; Groutas, William C. (American Chemical Society, 2022-12-28)
      The advent of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19, and its worldwide impact on global health, have provided the impetus for the development of effective countermeasures that can be deployed against the virus, ...