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    • Evolution of electronic and magnetic properties in the topological semimetal SmSb$_x$Te$_{2-x}$ 

      Pandey, Krishna; Basnet, Rabindra; Wang, Jian; Da, Bo; Hu, Jin (American Physical Society, 2022-04-21)
      The ZrSiS-Type materials have attracted intensive attention due to the existence of various topological fermions. The magnetic version of the ZrSiS-Type materials, LnSbTe (Ln=lanthanides), is an ideal candidate to explore ...
    • Structure and function of palladin’s actin binding domain 

      Beck, Moriah R.; Dixon, Richard D.S.; Goicoechea, Silvia M.; Murphy, Grant S.; Brungardt, Joseph G.; Beam, Matthew T.; Srinath, Pavan; Patel, Julie; Mohiuddin, Jahan; Otey, Carol A.; Campbell, Sharon L. (Elsevier, 2013-06-25)
      Here we report the NMR structure of the actin-binding domain contained in the cell adhesion protein palladin. Previously we demonstrated that one of the immunoglobulin domains of palladin (Ig3) is both necessary and ...
    • Synthesis, crystal and electronic structures, and nonlinear optical properties of Y$_4$Si$_3$S$_{12}$ 

      Bardelli, Stefano; Ye, Zhengyang; Wang, Fei (Wiley, 2022-03-21)
      A new acentric sulfide Y$_4$Si$_3$S$_{12}$ was grown by a high temperature vapor transport reaction. The crystal structure of Y$_4$Si$_3$S$_{12}$ was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Y$_4$Si$_3$S$_{12}$ is ...