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    • Complexometric titration of bismuth in over-the-counter stomach relief products 

      Steinert, Ryan M.; Heikes, Micah E.; Mitchell-Koch, Jeremy T.; Baker, Gary A.; Mitchell-Koch, Katie R. (ACS Publications, 2022-11-08)
      Three direct complexometric titration methods for bismuth subsalicylate determination in over-the-counter stomach relief caplets and liquids are presented, as well as a UV–vis assay, for use in student laboratories. The ...
    • The study and application of biomolecules in deep eutectic solvents 

      Kist, Jennifer A.; Zhao, Hua; Mitchell-Koch, Katie R.; Baker, Gary A. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021-01)
      Biomolecules have been thoroughly investigated in a multitude of solvents historically in order to accentuate or modulate their superlative properties in an array of applications. Ionic liquids have been extensively explored ...