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    • An aggregate production planning model and application of three multiple objective decision methods 

      Masud, Abu S.M.; Hwang, C.L. (Industrial Engineering and Management Press, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1984)
    • Chapter 8 -- Sustainable Development in Manufacturing Systems 

      Nezami, Farnaz Ghazi; Ghazinezami, Ali; Krishnan, Krishna K. (IGI Global, 2017)
      This chapter discusses sustainable development (SD) planning in manufacturing facilities. The industrial sector uses half of the world's energy, and manufacturing, as the core of this sector, contributes significantly to ...
    • Multiple Criteria Decision Making 

      Masud, Abu S.M.; Ravindran, A. Ravi (CRC Press, An imprint of the Taylor and Francis Group, 2008)
      Decision problems often exhibit these characteristics: the presence of multiple, conflicting criteria for judging alternatives and the need for making compromises of trade-offs regarding the outcomes of alternative courses ...
    • Reverse engineering of aerospace components utilizing additive manufacturing technology 

      Subeshan, Balakrishnan; Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz; Khan, Zeeshan; Uddin, M. Nizam; Rahman, Muhammad M.; Asmatulu, Eylem (Springer, 2022-01-01)
      Using conventional manufacturing methods for product development typically involves a relatively long lead time and cost, especially for obsolete, worn-out, or broken parts. Reverse engineering is a preferred solution for ...
    • Statistics 

      Yodo, Nita; Rafi, Melvin (Routledge, 2022-02-07)
      The cyber landscape is inherently complex. Although cyber-attacks of varying magnitude are frequently observed every day, many cyber-related crimes still go underreported. The data collected from these observations may be ...
    • Toward on-device weight monitoring from selfie face images using smartphones 

      Siddiqui, Hera; Rattani, Ajita; Cure, Laila; Woods, Nikki Keene; Lewis, Rhonda K.; Twomey, Janet M.; Smith-Campbell, Betty; Hill, Twyla J. (Springer, 2022-02-24)
      Obesity is a serious health problem that is on the rise at the global level. Recent studies suggest that BMI can be inferred from facial images using deep learning-based convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for obesity ...